I suddenly remembered these two photographs that I took last year. There was an interesting wee story about perhaps the most famous Siamese twins, Chang & Eng Bunker, in the monthly supplement of Helsingin Sanomat (a Finnish newspaper). I wanted to save the story in my scrapbook, so I cut out their portrait from the magazine. I put the cut-out on top of the magazine and got ready to glue it into my scrapbook. Then it happened.

There was an other story in the magazine about a man from Philippines or somewhere around there (not that important here) who had come to Finland to work as a berry picker for a summer. One day, on their way back from the forest, he had disappeared without a trace. He was found after a long, long time – dead. The story was about the mysterious circumstances surrounding his dead and it was the cover story of the month. You can see the title behind the twins: Kohtalokas matka – A Fateful Journey.

I turned the cut-out around to spread the glue on its backside, but…

The twins disappeared too. The last page and the last picture of the Fateful Journey was on their backside. The lighter part is a portrait picture of the berry picker placed on the spot in forest where his body was found.

This is accidental art.