Had I been a peasant (or even a noble) in the Middle Ages I surely would have feared the worst after spotting this weird phenomenon two weeks ago at about 7.30 in the morning. At first it I thought it was a some kind of halo (the optical phenomenon, not the game) since it was close to the almost full moon and there was diamond dust in the air but the colour was wrong. It was, of course, a light pillar from the ice rink at the school yard close by. But it was mind-boggling anyway, especially since here was only one pillar when there are several lights around the ice rink.

There were similar circumstances two years ago: diamond dust and bitter coldness. Then every light in the neighbourhood turned into a light pillar. It was fantastic. Like different coloured gigantic light sabers or laser beams. Sadly it didn’t have a tripod at hand back then and it was too dark to get good enough colour photos since the exposure time was too long for handheld shooting. But thankfully the black and white setting worked out just fine. A colour photo would sure have been nice though.


Can’t wait so see what happens the 21st of December, the next Friday. No end of the world but I’m pretty sure there will be interesting news on the 22nd.