Remember how there used to be cassette tapes. You know, the years after LPs and before CDs? I still have a boxful of them but sadly no way to listen to them anymore. Bummer, since I have some interesting stuff there like Ainulindalë, a Middle Earth inspired album by some students from a local high school that specialises in music. Can’t get that on CD. Even the tape required special connections. I used to make covers for those tapes I had copied from LPs and my friends’ CDs before I got a CD-player of my own. Now I have most of them on CD so I have paid my due to the artists.

I kinda had forgotten how well some of the covers turned out. I don’t have the dates on every cover so I put 2013 on those missing original dates.


This one has 1991 on it and I think it might be one of the very first. I have always liked Glen Miller. There’s just something to his big band sound.


A year later. This one is for Jethro Tull‘s Songs from the Woods.


In 1997 I had to make a new tape for car rides since the old one had lost its tune, so to speak.


Yes, I listened Yes. And Rush. And Marillion. And lots of other progressive bands. Still do. I suppose Union in my favourite album by Yes. Just the other day I was eating out with my friends in a really good pizzeria in Oulu and we got talking about progressive rock. Of course someone had to pose the question of what is the opposite of progressive rock. Regressive rock? What would that be?

I know. Lame. But the pizza was so good.


This one is my absolute favourite. I’m not sure when I made it but it must have been somewhere between 1995-1997. The tape had Clannad‘s Legends on the A-side and, for some forgotten reason, stuff from the Voice Squad on the B-side. Guess because both bands are Celtic. Legends is the soundtrack for the 80’s Robin of Sherwood TV-series which I loved as a kid. Surprisingly it wasn’t half as bad as old favourites often turn out to be when you see them years after. And the soundtrack is still so good. You can listen to the theme here. Anyway, the Robin Hood explains Herne the Hunter on the cover.

Haven’t done any covers after that, not since the CDs took over for good. I think I have to see if I can find some of the weird stuff I have on tape in CD or some other modern format. But I fear there will be no more cover art to make.