We visited the media museum Rupriikki in Tampere this summer. They had a wee exhibition on the Finnish game industry. Computer and board games and whatnots. They had all the classics like Afrikan tähti which every single kid in Finland has been plying since it came out in 1951. But mostly they had computer and video games that you were allowed to play! Taneli, my other half, spent about two hours (FAR too little, he says) playing games like Max Payne. I got bored quickly: I do like games but not that much and besides, there wasn’t much to draw. You can draw only so many game consoles… But the building where the museum is is an old factory, and the exhibition room (to small to be called a hall) had this old device on one wall. I have no idea what it was used for back in the day but it was beautiful and funny like many old contraptions often are. So I draw that while Taneli played. I also listened to Radiorope, a role playing radio game show from the beginning of the 1990s. The callers listened to a story and tried to complete the quest that usually was some sort of a might and magic thing. I had completely forgot that show even though I used to listened to it quite often. What can I say, I was a nerd. Still am.