The One Who Lives under the Wardrobe


Another goblin, The-One-Who-Lives-Under-The-Wardrobe. He’s a sneaky little creep(er) who comes out as the dark begins to fall, following the shadows as they crawl across the room. He’s really hard to notice directly but you can often see him as a slight, slow movement in your peripheral vision or as an illogical shadow that has no real life source. His cousins live inside closets and cabinets (they are the reason why kids want to have that closet door shut for the night) and his half sisters reside under beds. Not a very likable family, all in all.

Ach, for some reason I have dated this one 2001 when it should be 2011. Maybe I was too eager to have him caught on the paper.

Goblin of Black Anticipation

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He appeared from thin air in January 2011 as the date shows. Drawing him neutralised his powers as the ink drained it into the paper. Now I have him under my spell and not the other way around.

(The writing in the drawing reads ‘Goblin of Black Anticipation’ in Finnish. Not ‘dark’ but ‘black’. ‘Black’ is much more – evil or malicious in Finnish than ‘dark’. In my humble opinion at least.)

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